Have An Espresso and A Smile–A recap of the ATX WiA Lean Espresso Session at Keep Austin Agile 2019

By Sydney Markle

“I haven’t seen you in years!” the woman yelled out as she embraced her friend. They beamed at each other as we started our round table discussion on how Agile can be used anywhere. 

Moments like this are what make the Austin Chapter of Women in Agile standout. At the recent Keep Austin Agile 2019 conference, Kate Kolchier, Taylor Frank, Erin Randall, Mindy Honcoop and Syd Markle hosted a hands-on open discussion called Lean Espresso.  

Much like a Lean Coffee, where participants determine the agenda, we ran 5 concurrent conversations:

  • Professions
  • Games
  • Soft Skills that Pay the Bills
  • Agile Anywhere
  • Tips and Tools

Participants spent two minutes brainstorming what they wanted to discuss each topic, and a lively discussion followed for 8-10 minutes. Then we invited participants to switch tables if they like. Sort of like speed-dating meets Lean Coffee. 

The goal of this session was to invite people to get a taste of our meetup. It was fun to run, and participants were smiling and connecting, which was the outcome we sought. 

For the past year, every month, we gather to share and support women who are building their understanding and reputation in the Agile community.

Our community provides opportunities for aspiring voices to test out their topics in front of a group, as well as peer coaching for improving the material. One past speaker had her presentation accepted by a conference and furthered her dream to write a book. Others have attended after losing a job and found confidence in our community to find another job. 

It’s a crazy special kind of community that people keep coming back to… even yoga instructors! 

We are so excited for another year for the Austin Chapter of Women in Agile and the magic moments that occur by just bringing people together and giving them a place to see themselves and be themselves.

Call to Action:

  • In Austin? Join us at our monthly ATX WiA Meetup!
  • Somewhere else in the world? So are Women in Agile! We’re now on 6 continents! Find your local community
  • Don’t see a local Women in Agile community in your area? Start one!
  • Already part of a community, please share stories about the magic moments you are finding in your group in the comments.