Seeding local communities

We rely on passionate individuals around the world to gather, inspire, and lead each of the local groups that create the real impact in each community, as well as the small group of individuals that invest the time and energy to keep those communities coordinated and engaged. Thank you!

Alex Kanaan
Angel Chavez

Carol McEwan
Deema Dajani

Laura Powers
Liza Ridgway

Launching New Voices

Our mission to promote and support the work of outstanding women is most directly visible in our Launching New Voices program, and we greatly appreciate the team of organizers and mentors that invests the time and energy to help these new voices become heard! 

Linda Podder

Jenny Tarwater

Joanna Vahlsing

Conference Allyship

Our work with various conferences around the world provides an incredible opportunity to engage a diverse group of agile leaders, conference participants, and new allies in a concentrated, high-energy environment. While  recognize that each event is the result of a team of engaged volunteers, we especially want to recognize those individuals who step up to lead and coordinate one or more Women in Agile events!

Board of Directors: Women in Agile Organization

Creating aligned impact across the very diverse geographies and communities served by Women in Agile requires a strong, well-aligned core, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board of directors of the Women in Agile organization!

Natalie Warnert
President & Executive Director

Deema Dajani

Joanna Vahlsing

Eric Willeke

Therese Pocrnick
Board Member

Jennifer Bassik
Board Member