Launching New Voices

New voices power our diversity, and we seek to lower the barriers to entry while empowering and amplifying those voices. 

Lower barrier to entry – conference submissions and breaking into that speaking scene is difficult. We’ve all been there doubting our skills and ideas. Women in Agile looks to help provide mentoring, templates for submissions, and opportunities to help new speakers and writers get noticed.

Showcase new ideas – With our broad network of professionals in the agile community and our very own Women in Agile website platform and associated events, Women in Agile has many open slots to showcase ideas. These can be through speaking slots, blogging opportunities, other professional development, and even business promotion. We’re looking to share our glow with everyone so we all burn brighter!

Grow the next generation – all of the activities are focused on growing ourselves so we can then turn around and grow others along with us. Mentorship and sponsorship are also key tenets of our philosophy and we want to share those gifts with the community so the reach continues far past where we could reach alone.

How to Participate and Get Involved

  • Would you like to be a part of a Launching New Voices program either as a Mentor or as a Protégé? Awesome! Please sign up to be a member of Women In Agile and check the appropriate box so that we know what your interest is. Already signed up as a member? Please reach out to let us know.
  • Are you a conference organizer, event organizer or podcast producer looking for up-and-coming talent in the agile community to speak at your event? Please reach out to and we’ll work to match your needs with our ever-expanding talent directory.
  • Are you a new-ish voice in the agile community looking for an opportunity to amplify your message? Send us your content via  and upon review, we’ll share it out with our networks as appropriate.
  • Would you like to give back to the agile community by volunteering to be a part of the program team for one (or more!) of our Launching New Voices events? Please sign up to be a member of Women In Agile and also email us at to let us know.

Also, find inspiration in the profiles of women who have participated in the Launching New Voices program since its inception.

Or for anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.