Sharing our voices

As I sit here today, three days from Super Bowl LIII, I’m thinking of two things.  First, will the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year? And second, why do companies not understand the value of an agile coach? It made me think about the Patriot’s coach, Bill Belichick, and his job as coach to,… (more)
by Anjali Leon, South Florida Women in Agile group Meetups have awakened new possibilities for people who have similar interests to find each other and meet face to face to learn, share, and expand their common interests.   Creating one of these special interest groups is as easy as creating an account on and… (more)
By: Susan (Suzi) Webber @SuziWebb What I Learned About Speaking from Launching New Voices I’m an introvert.  At cocktail parties, I’m the one over on the couch by myself talking to the dog. I pin the needle WAY over on the introvert side. Giving presentations is not something I usually feel comfortable doing. And I’m… (more)