by Beth Hatter

Another great Women in Agile event at the annual global SAFe summit! Although it was an early start on a gorgeous morning in San Diego, the room quickly filled to the point they had to bring in extra tables and chairs to match the crowd. It’s always exciting to see so many allies at the events!

We kicked the day off hearing about Women in Agile from our hosts, Angel Chavez and Deema Dajani from Scaled Agile. They gave a quick overview of the programs Women in Agile has in place to support all of us and then moved on to our wonderful speakers.

Em Campbell-Pretty started off describing her journey and how she took risks that led to some great adventures. Even though failure seemed likely, taking the step forward into the unknown was an inspirational theme woven through her funny talk. By the end she had us all up dancing – literally!

We next heard from Riddhi Gupta and her wonderful story of starting the Women in Agile Charlotte chapter. Her story inspired us that great things can start from small groups, and we should all be bold enough to take that first step to see what awaits.

The morning was a great start to the day with connections being made, laughter shared, and new friendships forming. I always appreciate the supportive, welcoming, inclusive environment at Women in Agile events, and I look forward to the next one.