Conference Allyship

Conferences provide reliable routes to individual impact in the community, and need support becoming better allies in being uniformly accessible environments. Women in Agile wants to help support conferences to make them more inclusive, diverse, and worthwhile for all. We offer consultation and educational materials for conference organizers and participants in our various areas of interest below.

Greater diversity representation – we can examine your conference submissions and speaker gender and diversity ratios and give advice to help improve them over time. We also put on and support paired events with conferences to help create community and anyone can run them! Here are some upcoming events!

Speaker fee transparency – we know not all conferences can pay all speakers but we think it’s important to be transparent about what expenses are covered for whom so that speakers are recognized and compensated fairly where possible. We also encourage speakers to ask for compensation and are here to advise on negotiation.

Attendee sponsorships – when there are limited funds available, Women in Agile is open to exploring other ways to sponsor conference speaking, attendance, trainings, and other business ventures that align with our mission. Please contact us to learn more.

Universal Code of Conduct – conferences and events should provide a safe and inclusive place for attendees to network and learn. Unfortunately some conferences do not have codes of conduct in place or policies and procedures relating to them are not followed. Women in Agile provides consultation and templates for event codes of conduct and encourages participants to push back against conferences that do not have these in place and advocate for implementation of one.