Women in Agile @ SAFe Summit

Event recap blog

In its second year, Women in Agile gathered at the SAFe Summit in DC.  What started as an Open Space topic, has become a recurring grass roots gathering.  

Sally Elatta who is the founder and president of Agility Health, presented an inspiring topic to Be Bold, Be Real, and Lead with LOVE.  Why is the program team is especially excited about Sally sharing her story? Sally managed to launch two very successful businesses in the Agile realm; unconstrained by being a female, African American, or the fact that it was during tougher economic times.  Past breaking these barriers, she also ensured that businesses she started embraced wholesome agile values and culture. This event could inspire us to blaze new trails in our personal journeys.


Our Events

We strive to have our events be:

  • Connected:  events are designed to be interactive and allow local connections to form.
  • Inclusive:  all are welcome, all genders, also open to locals who are not attending the conference.
  • Inspired:  topics and guest speakers focus on topics to inspire past our perceived constraints.
  • Local:  this event also serves as a catalyst for locals to form a local Women in Agile group, or bring attention to the existing local group.

Prior Events

A recap of the 2018 SAFe Summit Women in Agile gathering:  Blog

A look back at the 2017 event:  Podcast , photos.

Event Planning Team  

Deema Dajani, Bria Schecker, Laura Powers, Liza Ridgway, Alex Kanaan, Padmini Nidumolu,  Angel Chavez, Kate Casey.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions: Local@WomenInAgile.com