Seeding Local Communities

Local communities are key to building a sustainable network that extends the support year round, to women and allies in this community.

Broader reach – Women in Agile aims to expand the local reach with a larger platform and infrastructure (websites, emails, other overhead cost sponsorship).  Groups collaborating across the world will provide a higher level of support and sense of a global community.

Local opportunities – Starting a local organization is a large undertaking, by advising and promoting local groups with good practices and templates, more of these opportunities can emerge and provide a lower barrier to entry.

Look for local groups near you.  If you don’t find one and care to start a group, you can start the process by filling out this enrollment form.

Local Groups

North America

United States



South and Central America

  • start a group or post your current group here



         start a group or post your current group here


        start a group or post your current group here