Austin Local group kicks off!

Austin Women in Agile launched with an active meetup last Thursday September 13, 2018.  This vibrant community is off to a great start!

We invite recognized speakers and innovators from around the country to connect with this group, when your travels take you to great city of Austin.

Inspired by a Women in Agile gathering at Keep Austin Agile, Kate Kolchier took the initiative and organized the local Austin Women in Agile group along with Erin Randall, Mindy, and Taylor Frank.  Their first Meetup was last Thursday.  Kate shared how this first event went:

The Meetup went fantastic! As good as we could have hoped! We had about 20-ish people show up. Everyone was engaged and participating in our activities. They all said they can’t wait until next month. We’ve decided on the fourth Thursday monthly, at 6:30pm.

Click here to learn more about Women in Agile local groups.

Women in Agile Hosts their 3rd Annual Women in Agile Conference at Agile2018

On Sunday, August 5, 2018, Women in Agile held their third annual Women in Agile Conference at Agile2018. April Wensel, founder of Compassionate Coding, keynoted the sold-out event, and the group of over 200 participated in a Lean Coffee session before the two New Voices each took the stage to share their story. Huge appreciation to Tamsen Mitchell for the graphical recordings of the event.

Videos of the event can be found at the bottom of the Agile Alliance Initiative page.

For a recap of the event, check out this post, and we hope to see you at next year’s event. If you’re interested in helping Women in Agile, please reach out to

Graphical Recording by Tamsen Mitchell

Women in Agile at Agile2018 featured on Agile Uprising Podcast

In this podcast,  Agile Uprising’s Andy Cleff @justsitthere chats about the changing face of agile with a panel of guests:

We cover a range of topics ranging from gender issues, emotional intelligence, social consciousness, imposter syndrome, open space and the Women In Agile workshop being held at Agile2018 this August.

The overarching topic is how our community can continue supporting and compassionately including underrepresented groups.